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hy friends meet again with me, on this occasion I wanted to post about storyboarding lesson, a lesson that I get when grade 2 vocational schools
he's simply learning


What is the Story board?
Is a column of text, audio and visuals with a description of the content and
visualization is used for the production of a course. Degrees can storyboard
different because there are different stages that must fit the purpose of making through story
Storyboard is a concept of communication and creative expression, techniques and media to
convey messages and ideas visually, including audio processing
graphic design elements such as shapes and images, fonts and colors, and layout,
so that messages and ideas can be accepted by the target. Storyboard also not
limited to ad creation because of game production, multimedia cd and elearningpun
using a story board.

Concepts, Strategies and Graphic Design Process
CONCEPT 5 W + 1 H = 'What, Why, Who, Which, Where, How.'
1. Learning materials and what the message will be delivered
2. What are the types and extent of learning materials
3. What are the advantages and how to bring the concept
5. To whom the material is intended.
6. How to approach the audience
7. What is the target of the learning opportunities and the
8. What is needed to explore the potential audience
9. Habits, patterns and how people in learning
10. Communication and creative approach to what is appropriate for that

Design process always begins with research:
1. Scanning, data collecting / gathering of data, as a basis for
analyzed. Data in the form of data written (verbal), and images (visual), or data
such as voice (audio), data palpable (3-dimensional shapes) and aroma or flavor
(soy sauce).
2. Formulation, basic data were analyzed for sorting, grouping
(classification), and formulated.
The result is a material formulation preparation:
  a. General concept, with more emphasis on the concept of communication
  b. Creative Concept, more emphasis on creative concepts.
3. implementation
Is a visual embodiment (visualization) into creative media have been
based on conformity with the vision, mission, purpose, goals, objectives messages to
efficient, effective, communicative and beauty. In this implementation process
necessary strategies and thinking processes of media production and application of the media
and distribution, and installation in the proper location (strategic).
4. Usually done pretest (storyboard test before you write
set forth in the form of visual and audio.

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